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Doshy's Motion Films offers full-service media solutions, including business and service testimonial videos, and brand story showcase reels for digital advertising, enhancing your online presence and storytelling strategy.

Our Equipment

At Doshy's Motion Films, we leverage state-of-the-art equipment to create top-tier video content. Our cutting-edge cameras, lenses, and accessories enable us to capture stunning visuals that effectively convey narratives and engage audiences. Additionally, we prioritize the use of reliable power and media equipment to ensure smooth production processes.

At Doshy's Motion Films, we tailor our camera selection to suit each project. From cinema cameras for features to DSLRs for corporate videos, we ensure quality imagery. Our investment in the Lumix S5M2X with 4K capabilities and exceptional low-light performance ensures stunning visuals in any condition.

We have a variety of lenses and accessories that help us achieve different visual effects and styles. From wide-angle lenses for landscape shots to telephoto lenses for close-ups, we have the right gear for every shot. We also have accessories such as tripods, stabilizers, and filters to enhance the quality of the footage.

We use reliable power and media equipment to ensure that our production processes run smoothly. Our batteries and chargers provide sufficient power for our equipment, while our media cards and storage devices allow us to store and transfer large amounts of data. We also have backup equipment to ensure that we can continue filming even in case of technical issues.

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